Jenna A, RN

It’s really hard to see the positives sometimes, especially when just about everything on the news and media is negative, much less almost everything around you at work too. Never in a million years did I think this was what my first year of being a nurse would hold.

"The crippling amount of anxiety that has taken over my body recently is terrifying. This is all scary, and not something anyone was prepared for."

Earlier this week at work, I got to tell my patient who I’d previously had weeks ago her first night out of the ICU, that her latest covid test had finally come back negative. When I previously had her she was on 15 liters of oxygen with a history of copd and chronic hypoxic & hypercapnic respiratory failure. She was not supposed to make it much longer due to covid and was fully aware of that. But somehow she defied the odds and was making a recovery. I spent the majority of my drive home from work crying (not unusual recently) but for the first time in weeks, these were happy tears. • I urge you to take a break from social media every now and then. Turn off the news and put on your favorite movie instead. Give yourself one or two days a week to look at the news or statistics of it all. It becomes so consuming and we’re unable to even see all of the good things happening around us. Try to find things you’re thankful for each day, there are so many silver linings when you look for them. You’re not stuck at home, you’re safe at home – it’s all about perspective. Once this is over, I hope we never take our family and friends, hugs, social gatherings, our health (and so so much more) for granted ever again. And HUGE thank you to my coworkers, other nurse friends and everyone else working on the frontlines, you are SO appreciated!!!

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